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Homework Guidelines

The Hillcrest homework guidelines for students grades K-2 are a critical part of our district-wide effort to achieve the following goals:  

  • An increase in students’ purposeful reading and understanding of fiction, and non-fiction, and informational texts across content areas.
  • Enhancing our students’ ability to clearly communicate through oral/written responses their understanding/identification of fictional and informational texts.
  • Nightly practice (with support as needed) of mathematical concepts and procedures learned in class.
  • Clear and consistent homework expectations district-wide for students.



K students weekly math activities

1st and 2nd grade students will have homework most nights from Monday through Thursday. Math homework is to be completed independently or with support.  Its purpose is to practice skills/concepts learned in class.

Language Arts/ Word Study         (Science and Social Studies content embedded)

Students will have a monthly homework calendar assignment on Mondays-Thursday.