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Hillcrest Media/Digital Literacy

Hillcrest Library

Mrs. Tricia Sutton is the Media Education Specialist. In Media Literacy, students learn about the parts of a book and how to take care of our books. We learn about fiction and non-fiction and how to find books in the library. We also learn how to find facts in books. We look at different genres, such as fairy tales and biographies and learn about many different book awards. We learn about the role of the author, illustrator, and publisher. We also learn how to use many different research resources: online websites, online encyclopedias, iPad apps and nonfiction books. But more than anything else, we learn how to find books we love!

Check out OPALS, our library catalog to see all the great books we have. 

In Digital Literacy class, students learn how to go on the internet safely, how to find information, and how to be responsible cyber citizens. We learn how to use applications like Google Slides to make presentations of what we learn. We even learn the foundations of coding using sites like www.code.org! 

We hope to begin contactless book checkout sometime this fall. We will keep you posted on the details!  You can reach me at patricia.sutton@msdk12.net if you have any questions.

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