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Art at Hillcrest

Artist of the Month Program

From our Art Teacher, Ms. Brown:

In kindergarten, first and second grade we extend art beyond the walls of the art room with a program called "Artists of the Month". Children are encouraged to extend their creativity outside of their time in art class. Student work is showcased on the bulletin boards near the main office. If your child is interested in being recognized in the arts, have them create art at home and bring it into Ms. Brown. Please make sure your child's full name and teacher's name is on each work of art. Artists' of the Month are recognized and presented with a certificate. Ms. Brown also sends home a survey for children and families to complete that is posted in addition to their artwork displayed so that our school community can learn more about the highlighted artist. If you and your child would like to hang the artwork up together, please email Ms. Brown at cassandra.brown@msdk12.net



Dear Parents,

This is the beginning of a long and wonderful relationship.  My name is Cassandra Brown, and I will be your child’s art teacher from kindergarten through fifth grade, so I would like to take this opportunity to tell you a little bit about myself.  I have been teaching in the Morris School District since 1996. I received my B.A. degree in art education from Trenton State College (currently known as The College of NJ). I have also obtained my Master in the Art of Teaching through Marygrove College.  I am a fifth degree black belt in the Japanese martial art style Isshin-Ryu, and I also enjoy running, walking, hiking, swimming and camping with my husband, and three kids. In my “free” time I help at our church and create pottery, draw and paint murals.  At Trenton I participated in two intercollegiate women’s sports, field hockey and lacrosse.

          The arts are a very vital part of growing up and learning, since they stimulate intellectual development, as well as physical, emotional, aesthetic, moral, and spiritual growth.  To create a well-rounded art curriculum, my teaching style centers around a philosophy known as Discipline-Based Art Education (DBAE). DBAE incorporates four disciplines: art production, art history, art criticism and aesthetics.  The arts open up doors that no other subject can touch, by stretching the limits and testing the imagination. Abstract art allows for higher-level thinking, while realistic art tunes our observational skills. My goal as an art teacher is not only to teach your child about art history and techniques, but to teach your child about making decisions, about discovering who they are and what they are feeling, and finding ways to express those emotions.

          My belief is that every child should be successful in art, and although there will be some projects that fail; there is never a failure in the classroom.  Every project will teach him/her something new and bring him/her to another level. Their art is unique and special, just as your child is a unique individual.

           I encourage you to take your child to view the arts at museums, galleries, or theaters and join in the joy of exploration and appreciation.  It is never too late to get involved in the production of art (if you are not already), so also take some time to inspire your child by creating your own unique work of art!  There will be an art show at the end of the year, so I will not be sending many of the projects home until after the May art show. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to call, visit or email anytime.  I would love to hear from you. You can also check out the website www.hillcrestschoolnj.org /classes and programs/art to see what we are doing.

My email address is cassandra.brown@msdk12.net

My phone number is (973) 292-2240 x 5102



                                                                                              Cassandra L. Brown

Art Specialist