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Drop-off/Pickup Guidelines

Morning Arrival 

  • Morning drop off will begin at 8:40am in the Front Circle

  • Parents and Families will drop off from 8:50am- 9:00am 

  • Buses will drop off from 8:40am-8:50am

  • We will utilize four doors for arrival so please pull forward. Staff members will be present to direct families during drop off. Cones will be located near each drop off door. 

  • Students must exit the car on the right side. (curbside) Staff will not be able to assist the students from the car.  

Hillcrest DropOff 2021

HC Dismissal 2021


  • Afternoon Dismissal will begin at 3:00 p.m.

  • Parking is available in the lower parking lot. Please walk up to the correct location and stand behind the outdoor cones. 

    • Kindergarten students will dismiss from the far door near the loading dock. 

    • Pre School and First grade students will dismiss from their outdoor classroom door. Staff members will be present to assist families. Cones will be placed near the classroom doors and parents are asked to line up behind the cones. A school staff member will notify your child's teacher that you have arrived. Please do not approach your child's classroom prior to dismissal.

    • Second grade students will be dismissed from the double doors. Please leave promptly after picking up your child to ensure parking for other families. 

    • The playground will be off-limits during dismissal.

  • Students riding buses will begin dismissal at 2:50pm.

  • Please help us maintain a safe environment by observing social distancing protocols and wearing a mask during our dismissal process if you are unvaccinated.

Hillcrest Dismissal 2021

HC Dismissal 2021