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Communication Goal

Hillcrest School
2021-2022 Building Goal

Focus: To provide professional development and ongoing support to the Hillcrest staff and students in exploring and adopting practices which support communication and dialogue in the home-school partnership with Hillcrest families. This goal aligns to the Morris School District’s Communication and Community Relations Action Plan. Rationale: During the 2021-2022 school year, Hillcrest School is committed to create and maintain a responsive system that supports and encourages open, two-way communications with all stakeholders to foster trusting partnerships in our mission to deliver exceptional programs. School-based professional development will target establishing communication platforms in homeroom classes and effectively implementing communication protocols throughout the school year.

Smart Goal: By June 2022, the following will be noted on adopting practice which support communication at Hillcrest:
• Homeroom classes effectively utilizing a digital communication platform, at least weekly, with families.
• Action steps successfully completed

Action Steps:
•Utilize ClassDojo, digital communication platform
• Weekly principal updates in the HSA newsletter
• Utilize Swift K12 to communicate announcements to the Hillcrest Community
• Utilize conference progress report document to facilitate dialogue during parent/teacher conferences on student progress and goals
• Update the Hillcrest website with pictures, updates, and school information in a clear and concise format
• Include stakeholder newsletter highlighting events and news at Hillcrest School 
•Include specialist news highlighting learning news in the areas of gym, art, music, science, computers, and library
• Enhance Back-to-School Night video presentation to include curriculum and intervention components to ensure an active partnership between home and school 
• Create monthly calendars to send home with students to highlight important Hillcrest events